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What do we do?

Need to find a frequency for your 944-952 MHz microwave path, distribute PCN's, or file a Form 601 application with the FCC? From allocation study and frequency coordination, to preparation of the paperwork, all the way to filing the applicable forms with the FCC, we're the one-stop solution to your microwave coordination needs!

Due to a federal mandate effective October 16, 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) now requires that -- pursuant to Part 74 and §101.103(d) of the FCC rules -- many1 BAS (Broadcast Auxiliary Services) applications be coordinated with any party to whom the proposed system may cause undesired and/or unacceptable interference.

This degree of coordination requires that a dialog be established with many broadcasters in the area. Our experienced engineers and information databases address the specific challenges of wireless spectrum management for the broadcast industry.

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